August 18, 2022

Arsenal, like Mikel Arteta, faces a difficult summer. Given how close the Gunners were to finishing in the top four the previous season, bouncing back and earning a place in the Champions League the following season will be an exceedingly tough assignment.

Even if it may seem to be a simple procedure, returning to the Europa League will have extra ramifications. More matches will be added to the team’s schedule as a consequence, which was not a problem the previous time around. The next transfer window, on the other hand, presents an opportunity to strengthen one’s squad before it opens.

The roster’s lack of depth was a key worry, and bringing in a goal-scoring centre-forward might be one area of focus for overall strengthening.

“We are going to have certain resources, not unlimited resources, specific resources,” Arteta was reported as saying when questioned about the next market.

“And with our resources we have to play and do what we have to do in the best possible way. We don’t know what the rest are going to have in terms of resources, which I’m assuming is going to be challenging because now it’s not a top three or top four league. Now it is a top eight or 10 teams that are involved. That’s why we have to find a way to do again what we did last summer.”

Although more than £140 million was spent on the squad the previous summer to remodel it in the image of the Spaniard, a comparable figure may be required to enhance even more. Even though new players entering the squad are critical, Bernd Leno, the goalkeeper, is one of the players whose departure is being contemplated.

During the previous season, Aaron Ramsdale was the starting goalie for most of the games, but he fell out of favor in the shot-stopping department. Now that a departure has been linked, it is feasible to claim that a successor has been lined up.

Matt Turner is a member of the United States Men’s National Team, and his move from the New England Revolution to Arsenal has been announced by the MLS club but not by the English club. Despite the lack of formal notice, it seems that the change was made public by accident through the national team’s official social media platforms.


Accompanied by a picture of the 27-year-old, a tweet from the USMNT Twitter said: “We can’t forget the Gunners! Sup, @Arsenal fans?” It remains to be seen when the North London side will announce his signing, but with an agreement in place, it could be within days.

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