August 18, 2022

According to Sport in Spain, Alvaro Morata is on the verge of signing with Arsenal, and the Gunners are reportedly looking ready to spend something in the neighborhood of £25 million for the 29-year-old striker.

Morata is very close to finishing off his loan stint at Juventus, which has lasted for the last two years. During his tenure at Turin, he has racked up 20 goals scored in the league. However, Juve would want to retain the player who once played for Chelsea beyond this season.

The Old Lady is not willing to shell out the thirty million pound amount that would be needed to exercise their option to retain the Spain international player. As a result of this development, Arsenal has ostensibly moved into first place.

According to Sport, Arsenal is reportedly extremely close to completing the acquisition of Morata. It would seem that the Gunners are willing to pay the forward’s transfer fee of 25 million pounds to join them at the Emirates.

Morata is close to joining Arsenal

It comes as a bit of a surprise to learn that rumors are circulating that Morata is on the verge of signing with Arsenal and becoming the club’s second signing following Marquinhos. It seemed as if Gabriel Jesus would be their prime target during this window of opportunity. And discussions with Manchester City have reached a very advanced stage.

Throughout his whole career, Morata has never been the player with the highest goal-scoring average. It has never been possible for him to score more than 15 goals in a single league season.

But he has played for a lot of teams that are considered to be among the greatest in Europe. Morata has won the league championship in both Italy and Spain. Additionally, he has won the Champions League as well as the Europa League.

And he will not want a very high price. In the meanwhile, Antonio Conte has referred to Morata as a “great” striker in the past.

Despite this, a significant number of Arsenal supporters are likely to be disappointed if Morata is truly close to completing a transfer. They seem to be close to parting ways with Alexandre Lacazette, a striker who has a mediocre track record.

If Morata is chosen to take his position, supporters are not likely to express a great deal of excitement.

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