August 18, 2022

Daniel Ek remains interested in buying Arsenal, it seems.

Last week it was reported that the Spotify owner had seen a £1.8 billion bid to buy the club rejected by Kroenke Sports Entertainment.

Ek himself later confirmed the news in an official statement that he posted on Twitter.

The Swede is a lifelong Arsenal fan – and it seems like he has that in common with at least one of the Gunners’ current players.

An old photo of Thomas Partey has been doing the rounds on Twitter in recent days, showing the Ghana midfielder wearing the club’s away shirt from their 2011-12 campaign.

It remains to be seen when the photo was taken, but Partey himself looks a much younger man in it.

And interestingly, Ek has ‘liked’ a tweet of the £45 million Arsenal powerhouse on the social media platform.

One reason why fans of the North London are quite taken with the 38-year-old billionaire is because he seems authentic.

When he claims to love Arsenal, you really believe him and ‘liking’ things like this on Twitter – something he has been doing long before he declared an interest in buying out Stan Kroenke last month – only reinforces the theory that he’s exactly what they need: a fan on the throne.


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