Aubameyang’s position is not the reason for Arsenal’s goal drought

As much as we like to talk about the fact that Aubameyang first and foremost is a striker, it is also a fact that for the majority of his Arsenal career, he has played out on the left.

This is of course mainly because we have another central forward in Alexandre Lacazette. Lacazette, however poorly he’s playing, has some things going for him. Apart from Aubameyang, no one else in the squad has gotten more than his league-average of 14 goals a season. This means that Arsenal only have two reliable goalscorers that mainly play the same position.

Playing Aubameyang out wide lets us have his goals as well as Lacazette’s on the pitch. If one of them is not playing for an extended period, we simply don’t have enough goals to do well in the squad.

And Aubameyang has been banging in the goals from the left. We literally won the FA Cup because he played there. But now, this season, the goals have petered off.

The first thing we should ask is why. Why is Aubameyang not scoring again?

Well, the answer is that we simply don’t create enough opportunities for anyone to have a go at the goal. Nobody is shooting in this squad. We are shooting less than half the league. And to score, you need to shoot.

This dearth of opportunities is highlighted by the fact that before Leeds away, Aubameyang has only shot 9 times in 8 games with one of them a penalty. Against Leeds, Aubameyang’s poor three shots were the highest he’s managed all season. Just 3.

And he played in the centre.

It is very clear that whether Aubameyang is playing on the left or through the middle, you need to get the ball regularly to him. That lack of service has been responsible for his inability to score.

It is a systematic issue not positional. Get him the ball more times and we will have our captain back in a pinch.

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