Stan Collymore – Arsenal fans who want Jose Mourinho over Unai Emery are ‘daft’

Arsenal fans who want Jose Mourinho to replace Unai Emery at the club are “daft”.

That is the view of former Liverpool striker Stan Collymore, who does not think that the Portuguese is the same manager as he was in his early years.

The Gunners do not seem to be progressing much under Emery despite him being well into his second season at the Emirates.

In his first season in charge after replacing Arsene Wenger the Spaniard led the team to a fifth place finish in the Premier League and helped them reach the Europa League final.

After 11 games of the new season they are also fifth and it seems that the same old problems keep cropping up.

A loss at Sheffield United followed by two successive home draws – to Crystal Palace and Wolves – have led to some fans calling for Emery’s head.

Former Chelsea and Manchester United boss Mourinho is one of the names being linked with replacing him, but Collymore does not think that would be a wise move.

“Those Arsenal fans who think the club should axe Unai Emery to bring in Jose Mourinho must be daft,” he wrote in his column for the Daily Mirror.

“Hiring The Special One would be akin to hiring a bulldozer and waving it into the Emirates.

“He is no longer the Mourinho of 2004 who blew into Chelsea and wowed us all.

“He is the guy who uses TV when he’s out of work to portray himself as clever, intelligent and incisive — all the things he was but isn’t anymore.

“The pitch doesn’t lie and Mourinho hasn’t created an exciting football team for a decade, so why on earth do Arsenal fans think he is the answer?

“If they want to win a Europa League or FA Cup — something, anything — then, yes, he could do that for him.

“But the sacrifice would be that they’d be ripping up 15 years’ worth of work in getting them to play the way they do.”

And Collymore reckons Emery should be given at least until the end of the season to show signs of improvement.

“I wouldn’t actually be getting rid of Emery yet, I’d give him until the end of the season,” he added.

“And providing he kept the Gunners in the top six, which I’m certain he will, then I’d be giving him another year at least.

“If he doesn’t do that, a change is fair enough and the two men who’d top my list would be Eddie Howe or Brendan Rodgers.”

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